Square-peg thrillers

The Biocide Conspiracy: An alarming conspiracy theory; so devious you can’t help but wonder if it’s going on right now!
Spacegate is about to break and the President is panicking...


For years the governments collaborating in the International Space Station have successfully flouted the convention that prohibits the development of bacteriological weapons. Too secret for Wiki Leaks and secure from whistle-blowers, the International Space Station is that rarest of places, a secret lab that’s stayed secret.


So why are the participating nations panicking?

Why has the Australian government placed a block on telecommunications? Why is the military scouring the Great Sandy Desert?

And why are people being forced into trucks? These are the questions puzzling Mo and Beth, the only witnesses to the International Space Station's fiery descent. The raw jackeroo and the station owner's daughter must work together to stop its deadly cargo falling into the wrong hands. They soon find out in the world of bacteriological warfare, terrorists will stop at nothing to achieve their ends.


 >>>" A thrilling action packed story, but being from the U.S this was a cultural ride into the heart of Australia as well. I loved it."

- Coral Russell, Alchemy of Scrawl


 >>>"Perfect for adults as well as teens. I highly recommend this book to everyone."


If you like a book that is thought provoking, but that also sweeps you off on action packed adventure click here for your copy of The Biocide Conspiracy, a survival story for mature readers & young adults.

 - EM Bahnsen, author, Men and Monsters


SALVATION JANE: trials & tribulations  of a politically naïve / social activist

Things haven't been going too well for Jane Patterson; her boyfriend has exited and as a parting gesture has emptied her bank account. An unexpected bequest from her late uncle in Perth, the capital of Western Australia is an opportunity for a fresh start. Convinced the legacy will change not only her luck but her life, Jane heads off to claim her inheritance.

Her expectations of owning a five star hotel are shattered by the dilapidated dump she walks into, and smashed to smithereens, when she meets Patterson's down-at-heel clientele. Figuring it's going to take a few dollars to turn the homeless shelter into an up-market back-packer's hostel, she turns to her local politician.  

She is surprised and delighted when he agrees to fast-track a tourism grant. But then he hasn't told her of his plans to ban vagrants from the streets and criminalize homelessness. When Jane discovers her conscience, she finds herself playing the politician at his own game.

>>>"An insight into the lives of the homeless; marginalized by society... an interesting, realistic, funny and compassionate read." -   by Book Buzz

"On the surface, Salvation Jane could come across as "chick lit." Poke a little deeper and you find a serious commentary on current social conditions in Perth, Australia. Well written and intriguing. You keep turning the pages to see what Jane will do next--sometimes biting your nails as she gets herself
into one scrap after another."
by Darlene Jones.

>>>"Compelling story outside the box (romance, mystery, political thriller, sociological treatise, comedy, drama - all there)" by John Thorne

>>>"All the characters were vivid and realistic and the story-line was varied and always dramatic and interesting."
by Amazon Customer / 6 reviewers made a similar statement.

If you like a book that has a message, but that will also tickle your funny bone, start your pulse racing, and touch your heart  Click here for your copy of "Salvation Jane, Champion of the Homeless".


The White Amah: A Family Saga Romance Three women, three lives, three destinies...

On a whim, schoolgirl, Crystal Brooke, bluffs her way into an audition for the White Diamonds, an Asian dance revue. Infected by the glamour of life as a showgirl, the reckless woman-child is drawn to Singapore's squalid underbelly. On the run from the police, she falls for a good-looking muso ~ an irresponsible bad boy, and not the kind to give your heart to.

Disenchanted with her life, Rubiah runs away from her jungle longhouse to life as an amah, slaving for ex-pats in Miri, home of Borneo's booming oil industry. Uneducated, she knows she'll always be a drudge if she doesn't find a rich husband. Married or single, gangster or conman, she doesn't care as long as he can give her the lifestyle she craves.

Fast Forward Seventeen Years...

Abandoned as a baby and brought up by traditional Iban grandparents, at seventeen Mei Li is betrothed to an ageing Indonesian fisherman. Encouraged by her beloved grandmother, she flees to Miri to look for her long lost mother. But instead of sanctuary, she is caught in a treacherous web of deceit, greed and murder.

From the nightlife of Singapore, to the rain-drenched jungles of Borneo, to the world of a rich and famous rock-star, The White Amah is the story of a dark secret, and the consequences when a woman's past comes back to threaten the present.

If you like a mystery filled with suspense, love & romance,  click for your copy of The White Amah: an intriguing family saga. 





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