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Ann Massey, Australian Writer

When I’m not busy devising plot twists and turns involving germ warfare, the International Space station or environmental risks you’ll find me teaching English at the local high school where I work as a relief teacher. 
It was a big decision to give up a secure career for casual work supplemented by book royalties, but I’ve always been somewhat of a risk taker. This is reflected to a degree in the settings of my novels which draw on my diverse career: I’ve been a country publican, newspaper marketing manager and governess. In fact I was working as a governess on a sheep and cattle station in the Australian outback, close to the Carnarvon Tracking Station, built in 1963 by NASA for the Gemini program when I conceived the idea for my first novel, The Biocide Conspiracy”. 

After downloading so much information about bio-terrorism, I wouldn't have been surprised if ASIO burst into my study confiscated the computer and hauled me off to Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp.  Since then I’ve had several genre changes: I wrote my second novel after accompanying my partner on a five-year posting to Borneo. Shocked by the permanent damage to the rainforest by excessive logging I wroteThe White Amah”
Unrestrained & unchecked deforestation in Borneo
 The third, “Salvation Jane” is about the rights of non-people: the homeless. Sounds heavy doesn't it? Well don't be put off--the emergence of the working poor is a major issue. I just hope I've done it justice 
Currently I’m working on “The Little Dog Laughed”. Set in the suburb where I now reside and Ancient Briton it’s about second chances. I desperately want to finish it, but you see as a child I had a lazy eye and the condition has spread to my entire body. Notwithstanding my propensity to lie on the couch watching British detectives solve cases, I still find the energy to blog about BW

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