Saturday, December 27, 2014


For years, the partners in the International Space Station have successfully flouted the convention that prohibits the development of bacteriological weapons. Too secret for Wiki Leaks, secure from whistle-blowers, the space station is a rarity... a secret lab that's stayed secret.

So why is the President phoning the ISS partners at an unearthly hour in the morning?

Why is the Head of NASA panicking ?

Why has the Australian government placed a block on telecommunications?

Why is the military scouring the Great Sandy Desert?

And why are people being forced into trucks?

These are the questions puzzling Mo and Beth, witnesses to the station's fiery descent. The raw jackeroo and the station owner's daughter must work together to stop its deadly cargo falling into the wrong hands. Antagonists from their first meeting the warring teens are swept in the world of an arms dealer who will stop at nothing to get his hands on a biocide lethal enough to kill a million people from a single solitary gram. In the course of a harrowing battle of wits, Mo and Beth go from enemies to frenemies to friends, and almost, just about about...something else!

What Readers had to Say

"Absolutely lovely-and-suspenseful story of two teens outwitting the adults

"A racy novel that keeps the reader hooked"

"Great fun young adult adventure"

"An unusual and dangerous adventure"

"A thrilling action packed adventure" 

A monstrous conspiracy is the backdrop to a wondrous story of first love in The Biocide Conspiracy, a Young Adult Action & Adventure Romance 

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