Saturday, August 9, 2014

The ISS is the perfect locale for a germ warfare facility

Experiments to better understand how bacteria behave in microgavity are being conducted on The International Space Station.  I was particularly interested when I was alerted to this program, because for many years I have considered that space provides an ideal environment for bacteriological research, and not the kind that benefits mankind. 

I wrote about  an international conspiracy to develop disease carrying agents on the International Space Station in "The Biocide Conspiracy". In the novel, scientists using rDNA technology successfully introduced a deviant micro-organism into the Botulinum toxin increasing the potency of the bacteria to cause infection in humankind. 

Ever since, I have been concerned that what started out as wild idea was chillingly viable. So though the aforementioned research is of the good variety, the kind that advances medical research and benefits humanity I ask myself if this will this always be the case? 

 I fear not based on past history. We should never forget that many of the participating nations have sinned before in secret  germ warfare facilities.  

Is there any chance that the scientists could conduct experiments into germ warfare in the closed environment of the ISS? Based on their past records-- my answer is in the affirmative. I think it is highly likely. The participating nations have flouted the convention before. 

I don't trust them. Do you?

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