Thursday, April 3, 2014

A new job in the Australian outback ignited The Biocide Conspiracy

My life changed when the Daily News  closed, leaving me
unemployedand penniless. Passing myself off as a governess,
 I found employment on an isolated Australian sheep station 
where I supervised lessons for three young girls educated 
through the School of the Air. UnlikeJane Eyre,  I didn’t find 
Mr. Rochester, but I did find the setting for my debut novel, 
The Biocide Conspiracy.

 Not long after I did meet the one! Striking out for Borneo with
 the new man in my life, I exchanged the no frills life of the outback
 for the pampered world of an ex-pat.  With time hanging heavy,
 I wrote my The White Amah .  A family saga, it exposes the 
shocking practices of the timber logging industry in Malaysia. 

A relative who lives on the streets was the impetus for my 

next book,   Salvation Jane.  The light style I adopted belies
 my true feelings.

Currently I'm writing a black comedy cum fantasy. 
The Little Dog Laughed is the first novel in which I send up 
myself. The protagonist Regina Brigantia is me, thinly disguised. 
I read the first two chapters to my daughter, she recognized me immediately, and fell about laughing. Wonder what she'll say 
when my fictional daughter puts in an appearance?

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Why has the Australian government placed a block on telecommunications?
Why are black-clad soldiers scouring the Great Sandy Desert?
And why are people being taken away in trucks

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Heiress's dream hotel turns out anything but. If you enjoy political intrigue with a dash of romance, you're in for a treat
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A chart-busting rock star, a timber baron's concubine & a young housemaid, three women ruined by a single mistake 
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