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UN WMD Inspectors Need to Extend Their Reach to Take in the International Space Station

Link for those who read conspiracy thrillerSUN inspection team should check on the International Space Station's biological research program, because in the past many of the partners have operated covert BW facilities. 


Space provides opportunities for experimentation not possible in earth-based laboratories.

Ostensibly research conducted into medicine on board the International Space Station could benefit people all over the world.  For instance, living cells can be grown in an environment where they are not distorted by gravity perhaps leading to the development of treatments for cancer and other fatal diseases.  


Space provides opportunities for experimentation that would be  easier to uncover in earth-based laboratories


The inaccessibility of the station gives scientists an unprecedented opportunity to carry out experiments into bio-warfare that are banned under the terms of the 1972 convention. And it's easy to understand why the participating nations would jump at the opportunity to develop WMD in an an area beyond the reach of whistleblowers when you remember that  during the Gulf War, Iraq admitted to having stockpiled 19,000  litres of concentrated Botulinum toxin— enough to wipe out the entire population of the world, three times over--and currently Syria is in the throes of dismantling its chemical weapon program.  It doesn’t take much imagination to see why the opportunity to develop a similar capability must be compelling—particularly when several of the participating partners in the ISS do not have an ethical aversion to the use of BW, as is evidenced by their past histories.


I still recall watching a television news program that showed footage of bulldozers digging for the bones of victims murdered at Unit 731. This was Japan's infamous biological warfare unit where Chinese civilians and POW's were used to test the effectiveness of biological weapons, specifically experiments with bubonic plague, typhoid, anthrax and chorea to track pathological changes for the purpose of advancing the use of disease as a weapon.  The reporter commented that the excavators would need to dig deep because when the Japanese research team learnt the Americans were coming, they dug a hole three storeys deep to bury their victims. 


The US conducted a covert BW program in Maryland. The U.S. Army's Special Operations Division at Fort Derrick operated from 1949 to 1969. Ex- servicemen alleged that from 1954 to 1965, army scientists produced over 3 tons of microbes that cause deadly diseases including anthrax, tularemia and brucellosis. Ironically,  many of the US research team came from Unit 731. They weren't prosecuted for war crimes in exchange for turning over the results of their research to the United States.

Soviet Union

The Soviet Union's massive biological program, (Biopreparat), comprised 52 sites and employed 50,000 people.  Ostensibly, they were engaged in bio-technological research for medical purposes. But according to Soviet defectors, most prominent among them, the deputy chief of Biopreparat from 1988 to 1992, this was a smoke screen.  He claimed the Biopreparat's production capacity for weaponized smallpox was 90 to 100 tons per year.

Japan, USA and Russia, the former Soviet Union, are just three of the ISS partners that in the past have kept their BW research secret. But they are just three among the many. A comprehensive list of nations that have admitted operating BW facilities and stockpiling chemical weapons can be found on the site below:
All of the declared facilities and stock-piles have since been destroyed. However in the words of Benjamin Franklin: Distrust and caution are the parents of security.  To put minds at rest maybe UN Weapon Inspectors should check the off-earth facility.   

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