Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How can you tell a disease manufactured by germ warefare from a naturally occuring virus?

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Disease manufactured by germ warefare cannot be distinguished from naturally occuring viruses

 Salmonella Bird Flu, HIV/Aids, Mexican Flu, Swine Flu E-coli are some of the medical emergencies to emerge since Spanish Flu killed fifty million people shortly after World War 1. An alarming fact, (seldom mentioned), is that we cannot as yet distinguish between a manufactured  microbe and a naturally occuring one.

Protecting oneself from germ warfare is not as simple as wearing a mask or regular handwashing.

 A kilogram of aerosolized  anthrax, depending on meterological conditions, has the potential to kill hundred of thousands of people in the target area and the technology already exists.

Chemical and Biological weapons are no longer the sole province of rogue states

Much of the research into germ warfare is funded by extremist groups. Chemical and biological weapons are no longer the sole province of rogue states,with extremist groups exploring the use of WMD to achieve their ends. 

Should the world panic?

The trend to think defence against germ warfare is not necessary, too complicated or will never happen is widespread and yet, while I am writing this, in secret laboratories around the world, scientists are working on developing anthrax, ricin and botulism as weapons, testing their biological capability and efficiency and experimenting with delivery systems. 

The end justifies the means is the rationlization for a range of terrorist attacks on the public- Munich, the London Underground, 9/11 the list goes on and on. The way I see it,  terrorist organizations will use any weapon to achieve their ends, so why not germ warfare?

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