Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Frederick Holden outs use of genome sequencing on International Space Station


Genome sequence was used to direct the growth, and development of BotulinumNeurotoxin Serotype H, code name - Agent H.  It was  a valuable shortcut in creating the deviant micro-organism. 


Using the strategy known as the "clone-by-clone" approach, the genome was broken up into relatively large chunks, called clones, about 150,000 base pairs (bp) long.  Next they cut each clone into smaller, overlapping pieces the right size for sequencing—about 500 BP each.  Finally, they sequenced the pieces and used the overlaps to reconstruct the sequence of the whole clone as is made clear in this excerpt from Frederick Holden's diary ( reproduced with the permission of the publisher of 'The Biocide Conspiracy'.)


'Botulinum toxin is designated by the letter A through G.  A specific gene sequence was introduced to a sample colony of botulinum serotype F.   "F" wa the ideal host because it is one of the types that  cause illness in humans. From all reports " H" is the ultimate biowarfare weapon.'

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