Thursday, March 8, 2012

Extract from the journal of Frank Holden, published in 'The Biocide Conspiracy'

Aerosol is considered to be the most efficient method of dispersal for a large-scale attack and special funding has been raised for research into the aerosol dissemination of biological agents. My greatest fear is what could occur should a terrorist organisation gain access to the technology. - extract from the journal of Frederick Holden.

As long ago as 70BC, Roman general and statesmen, Marcus Vitruvius Pollio was aware that air was an efficient conduit to spread disease: 

For when the morning breezes blows towards the town at sunrise, if they bring with them the mist from the marshes, and,  mingled with the mist the poisonous breath of creatures of the marshes to be wafted into the bodies of the inhabitants, they will make the site unhealthy.'

Frederick Holden, in charge of the International Space Station's germ warfare program reached the same conclusion. In his diary he wrote that  pressurised gas is the preferred method of dissemination as heat generating cluster bombs and nuclear warheads inactivates the toxin. In his opinion the most cost efficient mode to deliver poison to the enemy is by fitting pressurised spray tanks to fixed wing aircraft.

More extracts from Holden's posthumous diary have been included  in:The Biocide Conspiracy.

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