Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Are no holds barred in modern warefare?

When not teaching English Ann Massey is busy devising plot twists and turns involving germ warfare, the International Space station  and environmental risks.  Her settings often draw on her diverse career; she has been a country publican, newspaper marketing manager and teacher to name just a few of her previous roles.

Ann, added novelist to the list, after accompanying her partner on a five-year posting to Borneo. Shocked by the permanent damage to the rainforest by excessive logging, she sat down and wrote The White Amah a thrilling family saga that sweeps you from the nightlife of Singapore to the rain -drenched jungles of Borneo to the world of a rich and ambitious rock star - The White Amah is the story of a dark secret and the consequences when a woman's past  comes back to threaten the present.

Her second novel draws on her time as a governess on a remote Pilbara sheep station. But the plot of  The Biocide Conspiracy is far removed from anything she encountered. A roller-coaster thriller, it involves international intrigue and biological warfare. It poses the question where do we draw the line. Are no holds barred in modern warfare? 

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