Friday, December 23, 2011

Spacegate: the International Space Station's Secret Biowarfare project

Massey's novel The Biocide Conspiracy (2011), about a terroristic attempt to gain control of a fictional virus  developed clandestinely on the International Space Station is a fast-paced thriller well within the  bounds of what we have come to expect from anything connected with biowarfare. 

In this well researched narrative, fearing  exposure, the US and its partners are in the process of dismantling the Space Stations's secret laboratory ensuring that when it crash lands in the Australian desert there will be no evidence that it had been used to develop a deadly pathogen. 

Intiguingly coincidental, shortly after publication of Massey's novel  the ISS partners are disassociating themselves with the Space Station with NASA ceasing  its shuttle service and  the Russians  about  to stop sending up rockets leaving the station  unmanned.

How long before  we learn  the Space Station  is going to be junked? Makes you wonder if the ISS really was a secret biowarfare facility. Not a big stretch ... several of the partners are serial offenders.

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