Saturday, February 5, 2011

Biological Weapons Convention Ignored

Banned by the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention many countries covertly conduct research into BW technology. It is alleged that since the signing of the convention, rather than cease or decrease, the number of countries capable of producing such weapons has increased.

Hard evidence
The accidental release from a military testing facility  was proof positive that the Soviet Union had ignored the ban. And Iraq actually owned up to having produced 19,000 litres of concentrated botulinum toxin. Not ones to skimp: 19,000 litres is three times the quantity required to eradicated the world's population.

Their rationale is easy to understand ... it doesn't take a rocket scientist. The balance of global power shifts when a state has the technology to kill human beings on a scale far in excess of nuclear, chemical or conventional weapons.

The Biocide Conspiracy by Ann Massey is based on the hypothesis that the space agencies of the International Space Station's partnership are pursuing top secret research into the offensive use of BW on the station in secure conditions that are not available in ground-based laboratories.

Secretly leaked toAmazon,

Ann Massey
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The White Amah, a mystery set against the backdrop of the timber logging industry in Malaysia. Sample or purchase:
The Biocide Conspiracy, a Young Adult thriller that sweeps readers into the world of biowarfare. Sample or purchase;

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